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Previously Featured Programs 2012

  • Jan 2012: Jon Spunaugle spoke about display cases including a slideshow demonstrating the do’s and don’ts on display cases. Very informative and fun talk! Much of his talk revolved around the lighting, so perhaps a program on lighting is in order?
  • Feb 2012: Cindy from Newberg Jewelry Studio and Supply talked about how to set gemstones. She will also go into the use of Tripp’s settings. Remember, if you miss a meeting or cannot attend, you can read the entire program in the following month’s issue of FACETS. Newberg Jewelry Studio and Supply gives classes in silversmithing.
  • Mar 2012: Ken Campen will talk about the Five No No’s of Faceting. (sounds fun!)
  • Apr 2012: Steve Richards told us what laps we need when we start faceting. If you’re just getting started, this is for you!
  • June 2012: Mike Dane and photographer Bruce Eicher to show us his take on gemstone photography.
  • July 2012 @ Rice NW Museum: New museum curator Lara O’Dwyer-Brown updates us on what is happening at Rice Museum. A lot of exciting things going on.
  • Aug 2012: Jon Spunaugle, “So You Would Like to Facet a Competitive Stone?”
  • Sept 2012: Annual swap meet. Bring what you don’t want, and hopefully find something you do. Rough, faceting equipment, books and more.
  • Oct 2012: Mr. Sheahan Stephen of Sheanan Stephen Sapphires Inc., importers of fine Ceylon sapphires will speak. See his work on Etsy
  • Nov 2012: Randy Reinikka talked on Oregon Sunstones.

Previously Featured Programs 2011

  • Dec 2011: Annual holiday dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in Clackamas
  • Nov 2011: Tom Handley of Handley Rock and Jewelry talks about news in the lapidary and jewelry worlds.
  • Oct 2011: The Magic of Cerium Oxide Laps by Allan Lindberg who will talk about how they are made, which stones to polish with them and the benefits of using cerium laps.
  • Sept 2011: Annual Swap Meet. Bring that stuff you aren’t using and get something you”ve been wanting. Trim Saw for $25 (sold), flat lap for $30 (sold), and more.
  • Aug 2011: Karen Pankratz presents on how to Wire Wrap Faceted Stones.
  • July 2011: Tour the Rice Museum and Jon Spunaugle on “What do you get for your Dues?”
  • Apr 2011: Jim Hoeschen”s Step-by-Step presentation of the gemstone cut “Accent.”
  • Mar 2011: Steve Richards presented his take on how to “Interpret the Mysteries of GemCad.”
  • Jan 2011: Cutting Tiny Little Gems (TLG) Presented by Jerry Bartlemay. He shared why he decided to cut several tiny gemstones, including showing off the finished piece and why you might want to do some yourself.

Previously Featured Programs 2010

  • Jan 2010: Merle Reinikka discusses his favorite designs and why they are his favorites. He noted that this presentation was given a few years back and since then his favorites have changed a bit.
  • Feb 2010: Step-by-Step Pear Design. Jim Hoeschen presents the Pear in his next Step-by-Step project. Previous Step-by-Step presentations are in past issues of FACETS (free with membership). Get your CD disk of ALL past issues when you become a member)
  • Apr 2010: Zane Hoffman and Jack Sexton presented their Poly-metric Faceting Machines. Read their presentation in the May 2010 issue of Facets
  • May 2010: Mary Wong of Trios’ Studios gave a presentation on Fair Trade gemstones and jewelry designs showcasing several beautiful examples from her and her partner’s work at their studio. She spoke on the problem stones that are difficult to set, so watch out for too small or overly large girdles, also oddly shaped girdles.
  • Jun 2010: Chris Harrold answers the question “Where’s the table?”
  • Jul 2010: Meeting at Rice Museum, Rudy Tschernich will be speaking about the wonders of the Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals, and will present their new magnificent display of the faceting work of Fred Van Zant.
  • Aug 2010: Glenn Ruminson, Optic Tricks for Gemstone Evaluation. Gemstone Evaluation is a critical part of faceting. Don’t miss this meeting!
  • Sep 2010: Annual Swap Meet Come trade those goodies and hard-to-find gems!
  • Oct 2010: Garnets presented by Jerry Bartlemay.
  • Nov 2010: History of Faceting in the Northwest by Merle Reinikka. This was a really interesting and fun presentation. You can read about it in the Dec. 2010 FACETS.
  • Dec: Annual Holiday Dinner This year we met at the Damascus Fiber Arts School and had a fabulous time. Plan to attend next year; everyone takes home a present.

Previously Featured Programs 2009

  • Jan: Step-by-Step Modified Square Brilliant Cut presented by Jim Hoeschen.
  • Feb: Ask the Experts. Open forum for questions/answers with our panel of distinguished and esteemed faceters. This annual event is always fun and well received. Be prepared to ask faceting questions of a panel of experienced faceters. Questions may be sent to us in advance.
  • Mar: Optical Instruments. Dick Walker with a presentation about optical instruments for the faceter.
  • Apr: Tools for use with GemCad Designs. Glenn Ruminson shows us GemRay, GemFlick and BOG, tools for evaluating the brilliance of your GemCad designs.
  • May: Wire wrapping. Lamar and Merlia Tilgner present wire wrapping of gems and cabs, with pictures and examples.
  • Jun: Ponderosa Sunstones by Gary Richmond, Goldsmith. Gary discussed how and why the Ponderosa Sunstone mine is different from any other and what he does as a jeweler. Some unique rough for sale.
  • Jul: Polychroic Materials: Note Location at the Rice NW Museum, Sylvia LaCroix will discuss polychroic materials.
  • Aug: Rice Museum”s 6th Annual Summer Festival.Our 6th Annual Summer Festival is going to be bigger and better than ever! Come join the fun this summer! We have dealers with jewelry, petrified wood, antiques, fossils, crystals, minerals and more!
      • Kids entertainment, activities and fun!
      • Silent Auctions – several to be held both days!
      • Thunder egg cutting, faceting, geode cracking and gold panning demonstrations!
      • Food, snacks and beverages!
      • FREE hot dogs! FREE hourly drawings! FREE prizes for kids!

    Where: Rice NW Museum of Rocks & Minerals, 26385 NW Groveland Drive, Hillsboro, OR 97124. See Details at Rice Museum.

  • Sept 2009: Annual Guild Swap Meet @ OMSIBring your rough, machinery, supplies, etc. to trade or ell, or just come ready to buy, ask questions and tell stories.
  • Oct 2009: Wax Dopping and Lap Repair. Bob Grove demonstrates wax dopping and discuss the whys and wherefores of lap repair.
  • Nov 2009: Polariscope. Glenn Ruminson discussed and demonstrated the polariscope; how it works and how to make one.
  • Dec 2009: CWFG Annual Holiday Dinner. This year we’re at Ricardo’s Italian Ristorante, 16035 SW Boones Ferry Road, Lake Oswego, Oregon, 503-636-4104, map.