Faceting Gemstone Links

Faceting Gemology Links

Resources for Gemstones, Equipment, & Minerals:

Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals
United States Faceters Guild (And forum)
Mineralogy Database, Mineral collecting, localities, mineral photos and mineral date. Comprehensive site.
Walsh Brothers – Clocks, Watches and Jewelry
Bob’s Rock Shop – Internet’s First Zine for Rockhounds
Facet Shoppe, (John Franke’s site) everything for the faceter – Find Datavue 2 here.
GemCad, Site for GemCad and GemRay software
Gemstone Artist, The Gemstone Artist (John Bailey’s site for Voodoo Magic Polish and others)
Beta Diamond, Beta Diamond Products
Ameritool, Ameritool Inc. Lapidary and Glass Equipment
Gearloose Build your own Laps and Faceting Machines
GemstoneGuru What you need to know about Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry.

Free, On-line Faceting Diagrams:

Facet Diagrams, Gem Design Archive (Search by shape, RI, designer, etc.)
Gemology Online, Designs at GemologyOnline (Many forums by subject)
Bob’s Rock Shop, Bob’s Rock Shop Faceting Diagrams
DG Gems, DG Gems Faceting Diagrams
Dan Starr, Dan Starr’s Original Faceting Diagrams
Tom Herbst, Tom Herbst’s Original Faceting Diagrams
Old Pueblo, Old Pueblo Lapidary Club Faceters Companion CD V2.002
Lady Feathers, Charles Covill’s Faceting Design Books

Faceting Machine Manufacturers:

Facetron, Facetron Faceting Machines, Jarvi Tool Co.
Graves, Graves Faceting Machines
UltraTec, Ultra Tec Faceting Machines
PolyMetric, Poly-Metric Faceting Machines
Raytech, Raytech Shaw Faceting Machines
Omni, Omni Faceting Machines
Prismatic, Prismatic Faceting Machine
Fac-Ette, Online manual for Fac-Ette Faceting Machine

Various Blogs:

A collection of blogs related to either faceting or gemstones

John Bailey (See “Articles” section)
Gems & Minerals
Custom Cut Gems Beautiful faceted stones and settings
Aussie Sapphire
Africa Gems Blog
Gemology Tidbits
Mine Direct (Farooq Hashmi’s site)
Custom Cut Gems (Lisa Elser’s site
Fine Cut Gemstones (Michael Field’s company)
The Image – Gems, Gemology, Faceting, Photography)

Books, Journals, Periodicals:

Lapidary Digest
Rock & Gem: From their website: “Since 1971, Rock & Gem has been the leading magazine for the lapidary and mineral hobbyist. Not a trade journal and not a scientific dissertation, it speaks to the average rockhound, providing just the right blend of entertainment and satisfying information. Armchair hobbyists and diehard diggers alike will find something to enjoy in each issue.”
US Government Publications Minerals Gemstones and Gemstone Terms

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