Photography of Gemstone Inclusions

by Kathryn on December 22, 2013

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Close-up or Macro Photography of Gemstones

Photographing gemstone material is a popular topic, so when I came upon John Koivula’s Micro World of Gems and their series called PhotoAtlas Inclusions of Gemstones Volume 2 PhotoAtlasI was hooked on sight. Koivula graduated from Eastern Washington State University, and since I live in Washington State that makes him practically a neighbor!

The second volume in the Photoatlas series complements Photoatlas, Volume 1 with greater depth and scope, featuring inclusion specimens from localities discovered after 1986 and examples of treatment techniques and synthetics that have appeared in the gem market in the last two decades. There are three volumes in the PhotoAtlas series. Check them all out and see if you aren’t just a wee bit excited to get your hands on a copy.

Paul Reiser from Paul Reiser and Assoc. has an interesting inclusion shaped like the Space Shuttle over at Jewelry Eduction at Images Jewelers. Internal World of Gemstones has, “The internal world of gemstones reveals mineralogical clues to trace a gemstone’s origin and what has happened to it on its way from the mine to the jeweler.” They have an excellent example of faceting a needle in quartz. Another faceter who does this very well is John Bailey of Gem Stone Artistry as you can see in his photograph below. Tourmaline NeedleSee also Inclusions in Gemstones by Leica Microsystems for their detailed examination of gemstones.


Have you found other examples of web sites with photos of gemstone inclusions? Leave a comment and let us know!

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