Gemology Education Resources

by Kathryn on December 22, 2013

in Gemology

A few sources for gemology education include the International School of Gemology (more expensive) and IGS, International Gem Society (less expensive). I have not attended either so only cite what I found online but both look interesting.

See also Your Gemologist (warning, it has audio that plays no matter what, so turn down your speakers — I turn mine completely off). This site features tons of information on properties of individual minerals, gemstones, and much more. I found on the late Jeff Graham’s site that his opinion was the money you’d spend at a course could be better spent buying equipment and teaching yourself. He may be right but you’d need to be the sort that really can self- teach so you don’t just buy equipment then put in on a shelf for when you get a round-to-it.  Read what Graham had to say on the subject and if you have an opinion, please send it in, or post a comment!

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