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by Kathryn on December 22, 2013

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If you are interested in faceting you may already have an interest in gemstones or rocks in general (most of us do). But where do you go when you”d like to get a bit more in-depth education? One great online resource is Barbara Smigel’s free Gemology Course offered through CSN (College of Southern Nevada). The entire course content is online and available for anyone at no cost, and it is also available for credit for a fee through the college. Smigel’s site provides answers when one might ask, “Are you Interested in Gemstones?” She answers these questions about gemstones:

  • How do they form?
  • Why do they shine?
  • What sets value in a gem?
  • How can you spot a simulant or synthetic?
  • What creates a cat”s eye or star in a gem?
  • How can you tell one red gemstone like ruby from another like garnet or piece of red glass?
  • Which gems are best for jewelry and why?
  • Where and how are gems mined?
  • How are they cut and polished?
  • What is the toughest gemstone (no, not diamond)?
  • and What the Heck are These?

You”ll spend countless hours learning at Barbara”s site and maybe even developing a lifelong passion for gemstones! You may also run into Barbara at the Gemology Online forum. I read the Lapidary forum and get great ideas and advice there.

This course is NOT offered by CWFG and we cannot answer any questions about it. Please direct your questions to the sites referenced above.

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